Rock Pigeon

Jammu and Kashmir

Rock Pigeon
Columba livia
Long-term Trend:
Insufficient Data
Current Annual Trend:
Insufficient Data


Global Red List:

Least Concern

Wild Life Protection Act:

Not protected

Additional Information p

India Jammu and Kashmir Long-term Trend (%) 158.47 Long-term Trend CI (%) (129.97, 190.73) Current Annual Trend (%) 2.81 Current Annual Trend CI (%) (1.32, 4.29) Distribution Range Size ( 24,58,220 39,345 Distribution Range Size CI ( (2,457,930, 2,458,510) (39,302, 39,388)
Migratory Status Resident Habitat Specialization Non-specialized Endemicity Non-endemic

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Jammu and Kashmir